Humorous acid-head cretin!

18 years and 9 months ago, on a Friday
The 13th of May 2005, to be precise

No, today I’m not pissed off! As a matter of fact, quite the contrary.

The title of this post is one of the several great anagrams of my name. It was generated with Anagram Genius. There’s also a nice preview script on the site, limited unfortunately to one result per search.

Note: I was pleasantly surprised to see that the program handled the Romanian diacritical marks gracefully, thumbs up for the nice job! Good thing the programmers are not working for Microsoft, otherwise the program would have probably greeted me with a dozen error alerts before completely refusing to process my query… So much for not being pissed off, doh. 🙂

Here are some other nice anagrams for your enjoyment.

Crenguţa Iordăchescu (my wife) gives: “Huge as crude narcotic.”, “Gosh! Inaccurate crude.”, “Chord accurate genius.”, “Neurotic, accursed hag.” — Now, how about that, eh?, “Ouch seducing rat race.”, “Curse It! Cough and race.” — Get on with it already!, “Cauterise hung accord.”

Ancuţa Iordăchescu (my sister) gives: “Inaccurate, sad ouch.”, “Ouch! A satanic crude.”, “Ace in arduous catch.”, “An acute acid chorus.”, “Hour and ace caustic.”, “A chaotic, crude anus.” :D, “Dear! An ouch caustic.”

Elisabeta Velicu (my mother) gives: “Ace suitable evil.” — I wonder how could they possibly know my mother! 😀, “Is celibate value.” — She never remarried after divorcing my father…, “Value basic elite.”, “Cave suitable lie.”, “Tuba aces evil lie.”, “Value bestial ice.”, “Cute as viable lie.”

Nicolae Iordăchescu (my father) gives: “Read unsocial choice.” — Absolutely true! 😉, “Ridicule on ace chaos.”, “Secure on acidic halo.”, “A cloudier, nice chaos.”, “Crude choice on alias.”, “Under asocial choice.”, “Caused heroical icon.”, “Cool audience chairs.”

…and the list could go on with various other relatives, maybe I’ll add them at a later time. It was a good fun half an hour, now back to serious business! Thanks to Bibi for sending me the link.

Oh, right! Almost forgot to give you some more anagrams of my own name (which is Tudor Iordăchescu, if you didn’t know): “Court hideous card.”, “Ouch! Rat rude disco.”, “Acuter, sordid ouch.”, “Routed acid chorus.”, “Ouch! Citrous dread.”, “A cuter, sordid ouch.”, “Itch as cured odour.”, “Do cause horrid cut.”

And when also including my middle name (Mihnea): “Humorous acid-head cretin.”, “Oh Dear Me! Circuitous hand.”, “Touchier, rancid madhouse.”, “Musician or crude hothead.” — Unfortunately, not a musician… yet., “A mucid recursion hothead.”, “Shoddier, aromatic eunuch.” — No shit?! 😮, “Mucous, thornier acid-head.”, “Dishumor cutie on charade.”, “Dear! I’m such unheroic toad.” — Well, not always. 🙂

2 people had something to say about “Humorous acid-head cretin!”

  1. 1. Crenguţa

    Are you a fruitcake, honey? you work too much or you have too much spare time, i don’t know… either way, you’re gone, baby!

    May 13th, 2005 18:20
  2. Yes, my dear, I’m probably a fruitcake, but don’t worry, nobody is going to take the Queen Fruitcake title away from you! 😉

    May 14th, 2005 17:29