Got ID!

17 years and 1 month ago, on a Tuesday
The 31st of May 2005, to be precise

Starting today I’m a law abiding citizen, ’cause I finally got around to changing my ID card. This ends ten (or maybe eleven, I’m too lazy to try to remember) years of ditching police officers on the streets of Bucharest.

No, I wasn’t really doing that… although it certainly seems so, because there was only one occasion during all these years when I was actually stopped by a police officer for a routine check in a subway station. So I guess I don’t have “the face of a sinner” after all, eh?

Anyway, lots of pains in the butt are theoretically over because of this, one of them being that I will no longer need to go to my birth town (where my residence legally was) in order to get a driving licence (no, I don’t have one yet, never needed one — except during some recent periods when my wife was either hospitalized or immobilized in bed). I say just theoretically because this is Wacko-land, remember? More on this later, and I’ll be illustrating it with some really good pictures, so please do come back!

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