A new beginning

16 years and 11 months ago, on a Tuesday
The 28th of June 2005, to be precise

I’m starting this new category inspired by a nice little article called Ten Things You Can Do Today to Jump-start Success.

Thoughts about success are very unlikely to be among my concerns at the moment, but the list seems to be well thought out and who knows, this kind of shit may work after all…

  1. Read or listen to something that motivates you every single day. If you don’t read another item on this list, take this to heart. Don’t let a single day go by without providing yourself external motivation.

  2. Keep a journal of your daily progress and carry it with you wherever you go. Change and progress will happen, but in order to recognize it, you have to record it. An example of a journal entry might be “Started tracking all expenses today, woke up 15 minutes earlier, set goal to read one book a month.” Some days you’ll do more than others, but the important thing is to do something every day and write down what you do.

So here it is for my first glorious post, of course starting at number two:

  • I had my fifth driving lesson today. Things look good, I think during the next couple of lessons I’ll even start noticing traffic signs (doh!).
  • Pretty boring day at the office, lots of sounds to trim and XML files to hand-code, but overall a more productive day than many others.

    Which reminds me tomorrow I’ll have to nose around the 3D Xtra in Director, see just how realistic would be to overlay Shockwave 3D on top of Flash sprites.

  • Once arrived at home I finally got around to reading some introductory stuff about PHP and the template system of WordPress. Thanks in part to the series called Secrets of WP Theming on the recently discovered weblog of Chris J Davis.

I’ll just have to call it a wrap for tonight, it was quite a full day with a pretty early start. Good night.

[Edit] Oh, just one more thing: today I have upgraded my Fedora running server from Core 3 to Core 4, although the index page of Webmin still says Core 3… this needs some further research. Tomorrow.

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