Talking about daily…

14 years and 7 months ago, on a Friday
The 8th of July 2005, to be precise

Well, they say any miracle lasts for three days. But we’re in Wacko-land, remember? None of the rules apply.

So after the first post in this category, it all went downhill. Never found the time to write another one until now. And sadly, this one is not going to be a proper post either, just a quickie.

Tomorrow is my wife’s 31st birthday! If I don’t get another chance to write, Happy birthday, sweetie!

And the connection with the rest of the post is… well, I’m still at the office, waiting for her to pick me up. So I’d better hurry to the florist at the corner before she gets here! That’s why I can’t tell you how was my day, but it was really boring anyway. See ya… well, you know what I mean.

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