Dust to dust

15 years and 6 months ago, on a Saturday
The 26th of November 2005, to be precise

On Thursday, the power supply fan from the computer at work just gave in to the dust level of this god-damned town.

Good thing the office manager had a spare power supply (for some obscure reason). The case fan had died maybe two months before — the IT guy refused to deal with the situation, he told me to pick the computer up and take it to the seller’s customer service.

I said thanks but no thanks, of course. One reason was because it’s not really something I should do. But the most important reason was because the computer was purchased from the same seller that fucked me a few months ago when my motherboard broke! They refused to refund me regardless the fact their service contract states very clear they must do it in case they fail to repair or replace the faulty part within thirty days. They were also proposing some incredible upgrade options where they would just subtract half of the catalog price from what they were offering for my motherboard and processor — to account for physical wear of the parts (still in the warranty period), at least that’s what they were saying. And all this for an upgrade I wasn’t neither requesting nor wanting. Read the whole story here, it managed to piss me off again just remembering it!

Anyway, on Friday (that’s yesterday) around 7 a.m. the power supply fan from the server at home choked on dust too. That’s why the server was down for the whole day yesterday and half-day today, in case anyone noticed. Probably not. I had to shut it down and go to work, hoping I’ll address it later last night, but I got home too late and too tired to do it.

So half of today was spent taking apart, dusting, oiling and putting back together the case fan and the power supply taken from the computer at work, then the one from my server. It wasn’t my first experience of this sort, but I can surely say now I’m an expert on refurbishing clogged up fans.

I sure like the fact the server is a lot less noisy now. The only noise coming out of the case is from the shitty processor fan. It’s a boxed Slot 1 Pentium III which I just wasn’t able to take apart. I didn’t try to mess with it too much though, I said to myself a noisy processor fan is better than no processor at all.

Oh, and for a few hours today my ISP had some problems with out of the country connections. Then both their main name servers and both the secondary caching name servers just went down for another hours, so down the drain went in-country connections too. Well, it’s not like it was the first time… When I called the customer support line to ask what’s going on, the chick at the other end was so “nice” I could swore she would have loved to spit back some “juicy” words at me. But I just refused to get mad today. Fuck ’em.

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