You, butchers!

16 years and 5 months ago, on a Sunday
The 15th of January 2006, to be precise

Whithin days from the launch of the new iMacs with Intel processors, there’s this jerk posting pictures of a disassembled one (I got the link via OSx86 Project).

Firstly, that’s not disassembling, OK? That’s plain murder, and it hurts. I wouldn’t do that to one of my beige-box PCs that I actually built myself from scratch, let alone to a beautiful piece of machinery like the iMac.

The pictures are anyway too small, so I don’t see how this random act of stupidity could benefit the community in any way. He would have been better off donating the wasted money to someone who really needs it…

But maybe it’s just me, knowing that I can’t afford one of them in the near future… well, maybe not even in the not-so-near future either.

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