Steve Irwin is swimming with the great crocodile in the sky

15 years and 10 months ago, on a Monday
The 4th of September 2006, to be precise

A friend of mine pointed me to this link on the website.

At first I thought it’s a joke of an incredible bad taste, but after a quick search I found out the story was running in a lot of other media outlets, from the Sydney Morning Herald to the BBC.

I can’t say I’m anything near a fan of him or his shows, but on occasion I enjoyed watching him speaking with so much passion about all kinds of wild creatures. I was finding it amazing that someone could be so committed and so excited about his work all the time.

Well, as someone was saying on the comments page: it’s like finding out Superman was killed while crossing the street.

My wife thinks it’s still a lot better than being hit by a car… it’s a shame though, our thoughts go to his wife and little kids. It must be really hard for them.

Shit happens. Life sucks.

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