Blocks of flats suck

15 years and 9 months ago, on a Tuesday
The 19th of September 2006, to be precise

A few weeks ago there were some repairs made to the roof of the building I live in. The workers apparently moved the cable my ISP has installed for me to get it out of their way, so now it was hanging in front of some windows on the back side.

On Sunday morning a neighbour from the 5th floor came to my door and asked me to do something about that cable, because the wind moves it around and it constantly pounds on her windowsill. Of course I apologized, and promised to contact my ISP about it.

Later on that evening, my connection went down. I didn’t panic, there are occasional outages from time to time. So I took the chance to take my dog for a walk in the park. More than an hour later, my connection was still down.

Just as I was calling my ISP to report the problem (without very high hopes I might add, they never answer the phone during weekends), my neighbour from the 5th floor came again to ask me if I’m aware that someone has cut my cable off!

I don’t think there’s anything else to add here. It took more than a day to get my connection back, and probably a few millions of my brain cells to refrain from hunting down the mother fucker and cutting his head off. It wouldn’t have helped though, and I don’t really plan doing time for some bastard. Besides, there’s a never ending supply of dick-heads in this country, we’re doomed to live in the Dark Ages forever.

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