16 years and 6 months ago, on a Tuesday
The 26th of September 2006, to be precise

A few years ago I’ve got myself a Certified Professional Authorization (lang=’ro’: Persoană Fizică Autorizată, P.F.A. — I have no idea if there’s any equivalent outside Wacko-land).

It’s basically a one-man company, which allows me to issue invoices for my services. I had to do it because my employer back then was paying salaries based on invoices issued by employees in order to ditch taxes (a very common practice these days).

There are two types of PFAs, but I won’t go into much detail (mostly because I don’t really know all the details). The type I have, called something on the lines of “fixed income”, was coined as an incentive for IT professionals (as well as a few other professional categories) and there are a few differences from the other type. Most important are the fact that I don’t have to keep accounting books and stuff, and the annual taxes I have to pay are computed based on a fixed theoretical income. In other words, whether I make money with my PFA or not, there’s a (surprisingly enough) decent tax I have to pay each year, and this tax differs from town to town because it’s computed based on local employment conditions or god knows what else.

My legal residence back then (the one written on my ID) was still in my home town, so I had to get my PFA there. In the meantime I have managed to change my ID (and my legal residence) so I was now in a rather gray area, legally speaking. My residence was in Bucharest, but my PFA’s working point was in Buzău.

To cut it short, almost two years after the fact, the authorities in Buzău found out somehow that my residence no longer matches my PFA’s working point, so they now refuse to take my tax money because I’m supposed to move the PFA to Bucharest and pay here.

I’ve tried to be a low abiding citizen and pay my taxes here, but it would have been too nice to be that easy. They refused to take my money too, because I need to transfer the PFA to Bucharest first. But this transfer can only take place at the beginning of a new authorization period, which is one year. So I cannot pay my taxes neither in Buzău nor in Bucharest until January or February next year, when I’ll be able to transfer the PFA!

You can imagine there’ll be penalties by then, and there’s nothing I can do. And they don’t give a shit I’m not responsible for their fuck-up and I shouldn’t pay penalties for their incompetence. But one can never reason with moron clerks in this country, and frankly I’d rather use my time in better ways. And fuck me if I’m going to beg the mother-fucking state to take money from me!

I’ll probably dissolve the PFA altogether starting with next year. And I’ll also probably pay the penalties, just to get it over with.

I’m so sick and tired of all the crap I have to swallow each day in this damn country… it just never ends!

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