Monday, 27 November 2006

November’s Top Requests

My first month on the new job is almost over now, so I thought I’d share with you the most funny support requests I’ve had so far.

For example today I got a call from someone in the PR Department that sounded something like this (approximate quotation from the top of my head):

When I’m opening e-mail attachments, if I scroll up or down I can see some other attachments, some of them sensitive information from other e-mails. Can you confirm the client doesn’t also get the other attachments? Because that would be really bad…

As you can imagine, I didn’t understand anything from that, so I went to the lady’s desk to see it happening “live”. It turns out she was double-clicking some image attachment in Outlook (a sorry excuse for an e-mail client, if you ask me), which was then getting saved to the temp folder and opened up with the default application for the file type — ACDSee in this particular case. Using the scroll wheel of the mouse, one can go to next/previous images in the same folder, so that’s how she was seeing attachments from other mails, they were previously saved in the same temp folder :). I told her she’s safe, no client has been receiving anything else than the documents she actually attached to her messages.

Another cool one was from a new intern. I had an iMac set up for her and everything was fine, except the next morning she came by my desk to report that someone had stolen her mouse and she can’t work :). Of course nobody had taken her mouse, it was hanging over the side of her desk, probably pushed by some cleaning lady.

But the best has to be the one when a lady in the Production Department (all of them were women, have you noticed?) called me pretty panicked and said:

You have to come quick, a voice started to come out of my computer! It speaks English, I don’t know what’s saying, it seems to be counting or something, but it sounds pretty upset!

First I thought it’s a prank, the “let’s play the new IT guy a good one” type. But she was genuinely concerned. Of course no voice came out of the computer while I was there, so I guess I can say I failed to answer this particular request :).

Friday, 24 November 2006

TestDisk to the Rescue!

It has been a while since posting here, but the last month or so was completely unbelievable.

First there was CrenguĆŁa’s surgery, but on top of that was a project I was working on which was started back in June (if memory serves) and was supposed to be finished by November the 1st. As it happens sometimes with poorly organized projects, I managed to finish it only on the 20th of November, after countless sleepless nights. But more on that in a dedicated post. Continue Reading

Wednesday, 1 November 2006

New job, first day

At 9 in the morning, I was the first person in the company after the receptionist and the janitors. The receptionist saw me a few times before, but probably because of my new (and very short) haircut she didn’t recognize me.

Others started to pour in around 10. My boss, the IT Manager, hasn’t showed up yet, and a lot of people are asking me about new computers or monitors and I can’t do anything but shrug at the moment. Are they imagining I came with a bunch of computers from home in my first day, ready to hand them out to fellow newcomers?!

Well, other than that, it’s been pretty quiet so far.