15 years and 3 months ago, on a Tuesday
The 10th of April 2007, to be precise

I’ve neglected my blog for way too long.

So I have decided:

  • I’ll try to post more often, even if it’s just to say there’s nothing new to say;
  • I’ll start reading the WP documentation ’cause the current look it starting to get on my nerves. So a complete redesign has to happen sometime soon… er, let’s make that soonish…;
  • Maybe I’ll revisit some old ideas for the main site, that one needs to happen sometime too. Although I’ll probably have to make my sister’s site first, as promised.

Completely unrelated to blogging, but part of the latest resolution:

  • I really have to build up the courage and start resume jogging in the mornings;
  • I should give up smoking (again, yes…).
  • Starting some serious research into business ideas, the whole “job” thing is starting to wear me off. If I have to work my ass off every fucking day, at least some decent money would be in order, right?

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