Bad Day at the Office

15 years and 2 months ago, on a Monday
The 16th of April 2007, to be precise

Some days are better than others, just ask U2.

Today was one of those days that are worse than others. If it keeps going on like this, in a month I’ll be climbing on the walls, honestly.

There are about 200 people in our organization, scattered amongst 3 different buildings. The IT Department consists of 2 (two) people: me and the IT Manager, my boss. So you can imagine it can get really hairy at times. The phone rings every 10 seconds and I have to stop what I’m doing to pick it up, then I barely have time to collect my thoughts and get back to work and it rings again…

Of course I can’t solve everyone’s problems simultaneously, so there’s need for some prioritization. But my esteemed colleagues don’t seem to grasp such concept and keep ringing me to demand a quick resolution to their “urgent” problem for which they called 10 times during the past 5 minutes :shock:.

There are moments when I’m very tempted to leave the office, or better the building altogether, and just refuse to answer any more calls. And this is mainly because some 60% of the “problems” are actually simple alerts popped up by various applications. And what does one do when confronted with a dialog box unseen before? Does one read the fucking text in order to get an idea of what just happened? NO! One picks up the phone and calls the IT Department, BINGO!

A distinct species are the ones that first dismiss the alert, and call afterwards. My first question is of course what the alert reads, and almost inevitably the answer is “I don’t know, I don’t remember” on “I haven’t read it”.

But the icing on the cake today was the behavior of one the people I share the office with. About a week ago, the same person was complaining to the management that the IT department makes life a hell for everybody in that office, because of the fan noise of all the servers we occasionally reconfigure there, and because of all the equipment stored around our desks and on the hallway (the building is really crowded, there’s barely enough room for people — virtually no storage space). Today he was having a lot of fun playing various sound effects from a collection of special effects, sounds ranging from hysterical laughs or cries, to vacuum cleaners and grinders. Of course, everything appropriately turned up, full volume!

I won’t comment any further. The only thing that made me smile (well, it was a good laugh actually) today, was the picture below. Absolutely brilliant!

Dog peeing on laptop

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