15 years and 2 months ago, on a Wednesday
The 18th of April 2007, to be precise

Yesterday we celebrated the 4th anniversary of our marriage.

When I got home from work Crenguţa was waiting for me with a romantic dinner with everything: candle light, exotic salads, wine and tiramisu. Very, very nice! Especially since everything was homemade by herself (except the wine, of course). She’s a fantastic cook, and she also enjoys experimenting with food.

It was a great evening — and a long due one, I might add. I hope there are going to be more and more evenings like that once her health gets better.

The only thing that saddens me now is that I don’t own a camera, the moment and her preparations were well worth immortalizing. Maybe next time.

I’ll leave you with two older pictures. The first fits well in the context, the second not really but I like it. Crenguţa will probably hate it :). I love it. I love you. Both of you :).

Field trip with my cousins, August 2nd, 2003. From left: Sabina (Sally), Crenguţa and me.

In the park with Dexter, probably June 2004

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