I refuse to drive again…

15 years and 11 months ago, on a Tuesday
The 24th of April 2007, to be precise

…in this lame excuse of a city!

Satellite photo of the area I live in. Moving the mouse over the picture reveals a detail version.

The picture above is a satellite photograph of the area I live in. Roll your mouse over it to see it slightly zoomed in. Near number 1, in a blueish hue — the building where my apartment is. The yellow dotted line is the way I normally drive to work in the morning. But today the boulevard where I usually turn left (the point below no. 2) was so crowded with cars going both ways, that it seemed easier to turn right instead, and get back on track at the first stoplight (3). You can’t count on fellow drivers to be that nice and allow you to get in line, so it usually takes many minutes before there’s a big enough space for one to sneak in.

This meant a detour of at most 500 meters. Only it took 20 minutes to make that detour! So I finally gave up, turned back home and left the car, then took the subway to work.

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