The Wise Guy’s Promised Land

16 years and 9 months ago, on a Friday
The 25th of May 2007, to be precise

You may or may not know that the recently re-validated president of this fucking country is a moron. And on top of that, a racist moron too.

All has been said on the subject, so I’m not going to repeat it here. Just a quick reminder: he forcefully took the mobile phone of a journalist that was filming him, apparently bothered by her questions. The journalist asked for the return of her device, saying that is going to press charges with the police. The president’s response was: “Go ahead and press charges, let’s see what happens!” – actually meaning “I don’t give a fuck about your complaint. Nobody is going to touch me, I’m the supreme wise guy of the nation!”. Basescu then took the phone inside his personal car (he was leaving a hypermarket after shopping and the media was there because they were announced about his schedule), and just as he was pulling off he said to his wife seated next to him: “Can you believe the nerve of that filthy gypsy?”

He later returned the device, after the secret service or even himself tried to erase the recordings from the phone’s memory card. But being such morons, they had erased only part of the recording.

Logically, the TV station broadcasts the recording later that night, and all hell broke loose. Lots of voices cried out to the president obvious racist way of thinking and speaking, and absolutely un-fucking-believable — lots of voices cried out in favor of the moron president Basescu, making up all sorts of excuses for his behavior.

The next day Basescu issued a public apology, but didn’t bother to do it himself, he put his spokesman do it. And in fact didn’t apologize for his absolutely idiot behavior, he “was sorry that a private conversation reached the public”, actually accusing the station for broadcasting the recording! How cool is that?

Now, the real problem is this (and I only heard it once from an analyst in a TV show): not the obvious racist and stupid way of thinking and speaking, but his strong belief that the law can’t touch him, because he’s above the law!

Unfortunately, one will encounter this behavior many times while living in this damned country, at all levels. From the wise guys that hang around your building and just chew the fat at any hour of day or night, spitting on the pavement and speaking and laughing very loudly; to the wise guy that cuts you off on the street, in his fancy sports car or SUV, or even in his cab, which curses you if you speak your mind about what he just did or just makes some phone calls and immediately gets off the hook if his mindless behavior results in damages or even casualties; and so on…

And now all this was taken to a completely new level by this motherfucker that I even voted for! I hate this country, and I don’t really think I will vote again, ever!

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