Monday, 13 August 2007

More stupid software

I thought the days of cryptic Mac error messages were long gone, but here’s a screenshot of such an error message issued by Microsoft’s Word 2003 running on Windows XP:

Microsoft's Word 2003 very informative error message

The Robert Plant concert

The music, the sound quality, the light, the musicianship — they were all exactly how I expected. In other words: the show was great!

The event management on the other side — typical for this fucking country: a complete mess.

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Car Crash, continued

I was promising you the story of the car crash. A little bit late, I know, but here it is.

It’s probably better to start with the picture. On the following satellite view lifted from Google Maps I’ve overlaid a small blue car and arrow to represent me and my direction of driving. The red car is, of course, the other car involved.

The green cross is in the front of my apartment’s building, the spot I had just left one minute prior to the accident.

Satellite photo with crash schematics overlaid. Moving the mouse over the picture reveals a slightly larger version.

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