Tuesday, 11 September 2007

The law of the supermarket

On Saturday morning, around 11 o’clock, I was off to a local supermarket on a mission assigned by my wife CrenguĆŁa: to get a list of prices for some 2 dozen products.

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Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Memory Could Not Be Read…

It seems I’m stuck in the realm of stupid software lately. Or rather stupid programmers.

Well, since I don’t seem to do anything creative these days (which by the way — it really pisses me off), I’d better not fight it anymore and just go with the flow.

I recently had to reinstall Windows on a Compaq nx9010. Despite the fact the CNET review states that it runs very cool, this particular one blew out heat like a steam locomotive, with the fan noise appropriately loud to complete the image. Other than that, it seemed to run pretty decent with a fresh installation.

Err… strike that. After one reboot prompted by the installation of some driver, winlogon greeted me with the following:

Winlogon error: memory could not be "read"

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