More stupid software

14 years and 11 months ago

I thought the days of cryptic Mac error messages were long gone, but here’s a screenshot of such an error message issued by Microsoft’s Word 2003 running on Windows XP:

Microsoft's Word 2003 very informative error message

The Robert Plant concert

14 years and 11 months ago

The music, the sound quality, the light, the musicianship — they were all exactly how I expected. In other words: the show was great!

The event management on the other side — typical for this fucking country: a complete mess.

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Car Crash, continued

14 years and 11 months ago

I was promising you the story of the car crash. A little bit late, I know, but here it is.

It’s probably better to start with the picture. On the following satellite view lifted from Google Maps I’ve overlaid a small blue car and arrow to represent me and my direction of driving. The red car is, of course, the other car involved.

The green cross is in the front of my apartment’s building, the spot I had just left one minute prior to the accident.

Satellite photo with crash schematics overlaid. Moving the mouse over the picture reveals a slightly larger version.

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Just one more day left

15 years ago

Robert Plant and The Strange Sensation, Bucharest concert poster

Tomorrow night we’ll have the privilege to see the great rock legend Robert Plant performing live in Bucharest.

I’m very excited and I can hardly wait. I hope it will be great. I haven’t followed his music in the recent years, yet even if I (supposedly) don’t like it, it’s going to be a great show, performed by true musicians. A must see.

I’m a little bit concerned about the location though. It’s going to take place in a parking lot and it’s going to be the show that concludes a series of live performances starting today with some (crappy) Romanian bands. I’m really curious about the acoustics in that parking lot.

But I’m more concerned about the seats. I’ve bought the so-called VIP seats because I wanted this concert to be a surprise and birthday present for Crenguţa, and of course there was no way to get her standing for several hours into a crowd of thousands of crazy rockers. The website I bought the tickets from had a really bad schematics of the stage and seats areas, one thing being clear though: the seats are at an angle from the stage.But there was no way to tell how the visibility is going to be. But we’ll see.

Car Crash

15 years ago

I’m on a roll, I’m on a roll, this time, I feel my luck could change
Kill me Sarah, kill me again with love, it’s gonna be a glorious day
Pull me out of the air crash, pull me out of the wreck, cause I’m your superhero
We are standing on the edge
Radiohead – Lucky, OK Computer (1997)

Crashed car, front view

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The minister’s fingerprints

15 years ago

Romanian minister of foreign affairs was searched at the arrival in the U.S. just like a common immigrant

This seems to break all conceivable diplomatic protocols, but there’s this newspaper which pretends the Romanian minister of foreign affairs was searched at the arrival in the U.S. just like a common immigrant. His fingerprints were taken, his iris pattern was scanned, he was ordered to take his shoes and his belt off, and he was questioned on the purpose of the visit.

This story was not confirmed yet, but if it is true, it really really sucks. I couldn’t care less about Romanian politicians, ministers or not, but this is a major diplomatic incident which says a lot about how the U.S. believe they can bully anyone. News flash for you: nobody made you the world’s police, and by the way — your fight against terrorism doesn’t look all that good, you know?

I hope you feel more secure now, knowing that our foreign affairs minister won’t be able to slip any bombs through your airports.

What a world of morons…

Note: Image borrowed from the “Ziua” newspaper’s website, at the above mentioned link.

Stupid software can ruin even the greatest of products

15 years ago

My company has over time acquired a few Fujitsu-Siemens workstations, some models of the Esprimo series, and some of the Celsius series.

They are all decent computers, they are doing their job admirably under the tough circumstances, and although their cases are really ugly (see below), they have good thermal design. The power supplies with passive cooling and the air flow guides on the processors make them whisper quiet, which is really nice.

The Esprimo PC series from Fujitsu-Siemens. The front panel is badly designed and uses very poor quality materials. Read the rest of it…

Webmasters rule the world

15 years and 1 month ago

My boss, the IT manager, had the really bad idea to put my e-mail address on the corporate contact page, next to the Webmaster label.

There are only 3 e-mails on that (lousy if you ask me) website: a PR executive’s, mine (the webmaster, right), and the HR manager’s — this last one somewhat hidden, on the careers page.

As a consequence, I’m starting to get strange messages from all kinds of weirdos. First one was an Italian lady, offering the services of a bunch of photographers and directors she was allegedly representing. Back then I wasn’t even aware (nobody told me) that my address is on the corporate website, so I presumed it’s simply spam and scared the shit out of the poor bastard :).

The second one was from someone at a chicken farm (!), asking me if the agency wants to take on their account :).

And today, the last one: some insomniac chick (judging by the hour the message was sent) begs me to tell her the name of the song in one of the TV ads made by the agency :)!

Of course, I have forwarded her message to the A/V Department :D.

P.S.: I have forwarded the message from the chicken farm to the right person, and they are officially one of the agency’s clients now. Long live the Webmaster!

The Wise Guy’s Promised Land

15 years and 1 month ago

You may or may not know that the recently re-validated president of this fucking country is a moron. And on top of that, a racist moron too. Read the rest of it…

Memory Problems

15 years and 2 months ago

Starting to act on my latest resolution, I have just revisited some old files/projects. Namely, my long awaited audio player.

Having a little spare time on my hands, It seemed like a good opportunity to check out the new Flash CS3, and also do something about that audio player in the process.

Yet, to my deepest grief, I have discovered that since leaving Teamcode in October last year, I have forgot a really big chunk of what I new about Flash!

I mean I was aware at the time I still have a lot to learn about it (I’m a long time fan of Director and never seemed to get the same level of acquaintance with Flash) but this is really annoying!

Oh, well… like everything else these days, it seems it’s going to be a lot harder than I was hoping.