Tiger is my middle name!

18 years ago, on a Saturday
The 24th of September 2005, to be precise

I have successfully installed Tiger on my PC!

Here’s a quick snapshot. As usual, full size may be viewed via my Flickr feed (or just click the picture to go directly to the large size).

Tiger x86

I just love it! The day when I’ll be able to ditch Windows for good will be the most happy day of my life! Unfortunately it is not today, as there are no drivers for video and sound cards (I currently have an ATI Radeon 9600SE and an ancient Creative SoundBlaster128 — I gathered from various sources I could make the AC96 integrated chip work with this release but I just didn’t bothered, it’s way too crappy to use).

This means no hardware video acceleration, yet baby Tiger performs incredibly well. There are no visible hick-ups during windows resizing or moving and most of the bundled apps work like a charm — including iTunes, even though the system doesn’t detect my sound card.

The most annoying thing is that refresh rates are only supported for VESA 3 video cards, so I got stuck with a lousy 60Hz. Needles to say, it gets a little hard on the eyes after some time.

The bottom line is I can actually see the day when I’ll tell Bill to shove his shitty Windows patchwork up his ass. I’m moving in the winner’s boat, baby! And I’ll even pay for Tiger, as tight on the budget as I am these days, because it deserves every single penny.

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