18 years and 5 months ago, on a Tuesday
The 27th of September 2005, to be precise

  • Milestone: 9500 hours since I quit smoking. Yet tonight, while I was walking my dog, for a split second I had a very strong desire to get a smoke, as it really rarely happened before during the past year;

  • Two weeks ago I started a little personal side project at work and today was the first day that it really saw some good progress. I think 90% of the features are in, but some of the more important ones are still to come — like saving (more about it another time). I just hope they won’t take me another two weeks… I first started it in J#, but then I decided it’s way too slow because at my first contact with the .NET platform there are a huge number of things to be learn before getting something done. I then turned to Macromedia Director, an old love. And I was really pissed off to see that in those two years since my last project involving it, I forgot almost everything I knew…

  • I really want to get some work done on the website I do for my cousin, but I’m so fucking tired I just can’t. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me — I get home from work, I walk the dog, I (usually) wash myself and then after dinner my brain just stops functioning. I can stay in front of the computer for many hours more, but I can’t even understand what I’m reading sometimes. I think this needs to be checked sooner rather than later …

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