Most wanted

18 years and 2 months ago, on a Wednesday
The 28th of September 2005, to be precise

I thought about compiling a list of the things I want the most. It’s not complete and it won’t probably change configuration for a long time. I’ll update it as necessary, although I suspect more things will just pile up in here…

I think you could say these are the things I pray for, although I’m not a church going man and I don’t like the idea of church in the first place. I mean I want to believe there is a God out there and I guess I’m really believing it, but I don’t think that any one church on the face of the Earth has ever come closer than a billion light-years to the mere idea of God. Not now and not ever.


  • my wife to be healthy again

    She suffers from femur head necrosis and she can’t go the surgical way because of other haematological problems — a way too long story to put it here)

  • to come to terms with myself and with life in general

    And with life as a young man in this damn country in particular. And for fuck’s sake, stop feeling like I’m wasting my life away…

  • to travel around the world by sea

    Or at least spend say six to twelve months at sea with no land and no people in sight. Shit, that would be so great!


  • drums

    I want a kit since I was in high-school. I even had one at a certain point, but only for an hour. Of course, next thing is a rehearsal space, you can’t really play the drums when living in a fucking block of flats, can you? See below.

  • saxophone

    This one is a little younger than the previous one, but same constraints apply.

    Edited June 11th, 2006: My little sister’s got the saxophone for me! Thank you sis, I love you too. And I promise I’ll start using it soon.

  • an Apple iPod

    I’ve wanted one since the first time they released it, back in 2003 (I think)

  • an Apple PowerPC

    But I could settle with an iMac G5 or even a Mac Mini… if Tiger will eventually run on plain PCs I might let this one go for a while, but only for a while.

  • a proper house

    I mean not an apartment in a fucking match box building. I don’t want to hear anyone’s steps or shower noises, I don’t want to meet people that don’t return your hello in my way home and I certainly don’t want to spend hours of my life arguing with some moronic building attendant that my Ethernet cable laid through the building’s basement and connecting my computer with my cousin’s (when he used to live in the same building) is not going to electrocute anyone, I’m not using it to steal electricity or telephone services and I’m not even considering going door to door to ask permission from neighbours because it’s trespassing private property, because it actually doesn’t.

    And double fuck you, asshole, I lost my temper again just thinking of you!

    Oh, and as a side note — I hope the guy that had the brilliant idea car alarms should make stupid loud beeps when the car is put in reverse rots in hell for the rest of eternity! Together with those mother fuckers around my building that need minutes at a time to park their car in reverse.

  • a motorcycle

    I’m really undecided here. I would want either a chopper like the ones these dudes on Discovery channel make (I simply love their Cat Bike), or just a small scooter, like this stylish Honda. It all boils down to money in the end, so a scooter might be a little more realistic than a chopper.

To be continued…

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  1. 1. ancuta

    draga tudor,

    am fost mai mult decat miscata intrand pentru prima oara pe site ul tau (stiu ca ar fi trebuit sa o fac mai devreme, dar… de fapt nu am nici o scuza) cred ca e un lucru nemipomenit, faptul ca iti scrii gandurile asa in vazul tuturor, si m-as bucura daca as intra intro buna zi pe site si te-as gasi mai putin trist decat esti si daca mesajele tale ar degaja mai putina durere decat o fac probabil ca sunt mai mult decat subiectiva, pentru ca sunt sora ta si pentru ca te iubesc, dar ma doare ingrozitor ca esti nefericit. sfat: oricat de amarat ai fi, oricat de nefericit si de frustrat, nu lasa mizeria sa iasa la suprafata, nu te amara si mai tare, pentru ca nu te va ajuta cu nimic, ba mai mult, te va adanci si mai mult in depresie. nu fi amar fata de oameni, morocanos si nemultumit.

    inca odata iti spun ca sunt super impresionata de gandurile tale si de puterea ta de a le arata lumii. Cred ca esti foarte curajos, si asta este un semn bun. mai cred ca ar trebui sa scrii mai mult, si in ideea de a scrie, nu de a te blogui.

    mic detaliu de semnalat: am descoperit in lista de most wanted faimosul saxofon, in a carui posesie te afli, cred ca de mai bine de 2 luni… aproape mi s-au inmuiat picioarele cand am citit lista de most wanted, este de-a dreptul emotionanta. sunt fericita ca, macar unul din obiective a fost atins. deci nu te lasa prada disperarii, si crede ca totul este realizabil. bunaoara saxofonul! nu il ingropa intr-un dulap din casa, nu renunta la dorinta doar pentru ca ai obtinut obiectul, ataca problema din mai multe parti, cauta-ti un curs de saxofon la o casa de cultura, gaseste un om sa ti-l curete si sa-ti spuna ce e de facut cu el. obiectul iti apartine, il ai in maini, doar tu trebuie sa mai faci ceva….

    cu mult drag, sora ta, mult mai inteleapta,


    June 11th, 2006 21:00