15 years and 7 months ago, on a Saturday
The 23rd of December 2006, to be precise

Today is my little sister Ancuţa’s birthday, she is 27 years old! Happy birthday, sis, I love you!

Ancuţa with a strange lizard on top of her head (gross!)Ancuţa riding a camel

Note: I know the picture quality is not great, i believe they were taken with a camera phone. But I like them none the less.

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  1. 1. ancuta

    hey bro,

    thanks for the wishes and for the fact that you guys had lunch with me today. i had a great time. it was a quiet birthday this year, maybe that’s what’s going on when you grow up:-) (yea right!)

    just a little sad that our lovely father forgot about his lovely daughter’s anniversary… but as Woody Allen would say, “you know, is like anything else”( by the way Tudor, you have to see this film by W A, is called “Anything Else”, you would like it, and you would understand what i mean…)

    yes, so as a general feeling it’s been a good day, even a great one for a birthday, just came back from another’s friend anniversary, where had quite a serious amount of red wine. Couldn’t manage to get the Christmas tree out this year, so i guess now is too late, as you know i always do the Christmas tree on my birthday, but probably is best not to do it anymore, as tomorrow i am leaving for mother’s house, and then when i’ll come back Christmas will be over, and then it will just be a pain in the… (can i say ASS in here?) well you get the general picture, about everything. It’s great to have you guys, thank you and i love you too.

    sleepy sleep now

    December 24th, 2006 05:06
  2. Sis, I’m sorry about our father. He must have his birthdays mixed in his head or something. I know it’s not an excuse, but… Maybe he’ll remember one of these days and call you.

    December 24th, 2006 11:33