Finally joining the club

15 years and 12 months ago, on a Tuesday
The 6th of February 2007, to be precise

I am the fresh, proud and happy owner of an 80GB iPod! 😀

After years of drooling, my dream has finally came true, thanks to my incredible wife Crenguţa, whose idea I believe it was, and with the financial help from my sister Ancuţa, my sister-in-law Alina and my mother-in-law Iuliana. Thank you, I love you!

My wife never ceases to amaze me, even after all these years (we were class mates in primary school, and our love story took off during highschool — although according to family folklore I had a crush on her since the first grade, and we were more or less flirting since the seventh or eighth grade).

She is to be committed to the hospital again tomorrow for the second hip replacement surgery, yet she finds the time, the energy and the will to think about my birthday! I know she’s really worried and has a lot on her mind right now, and this shows just what kind of person she is: so caring, so thoughtful and so altruist…

I must confess that I would have probably behaved completely different in her situation. I think I would have felt so low and unable to think of anything else. But not my baby! That’s why she is so special, and I must be really lucky to have her in my life.

I love you very much, get well soon so we can get on with our life, OK?

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  1. 1. ancuta

    Salut Tudorele :o)

    La multi ani!

    Sa ne traiesti o mie de ani. Slava Domnului ca Crenguta se simte bine si totul e in regula pana acum. So yes let’s have it in the mother language too, for the blog’s sake. :0). Just talked to you on the phone, you are in the hospital with Crenguta, and she is feeling so and so… Let’s hope better times will come around, and the pain she is feeling now will be soon forgotten.

    wish you the best of everything dear Tudor, and you know I’m not just saying that because it’s an expression, but because I really want the best for you and my guess is you are going to get it soon, things will get better. the sun is going to shine on our highway lane too, believe it or not, even for the simple reason that it can’t always be cloudy, or even more believable reason, because of the global worming :o)

    so yes, thinking of you today, as everyday, praying that you are good and that you’d be safe. i know the praying part is not quite your cup of tea, but as long as I believe it, you don’t have to do anything, and to put it even in an spark’s kind of joke(a spark would be a film electrician, and really praying that no electrician is reading your blog:o) cause than i am f…ed), so yes just “stai pe spate”, and me and God and my prayers will handle everything. Just joking.

    alright, what else? a bit of a hangover from last night unfortunately, from the Nghtloosers concert. the concert was great, haven’t seen them in years and years, and must say it’s been real fun. I know Hano, the lead singer, because I’ve operated camera on a commercial he directed, it’s been a few months since, but it still remains one of the funniest experience we have ever had(imagine all those corporate chicks,agency chicks and agency boys(you should know by now, you work in that kind of place, fortunately u’ve got nothing to do with them) running around and licking his ass, and the client’s ass(if i may say so…and excuse my french). And also, there is one point that we both agree on: that is one of the worst commercials we have ever seen:o). the good thing is he said he wrote a short film based on the meetings he had with the agency and the client before that commercial. My guess is that the film is going to be a comedy:o)

    alright, enough talking big brother, Happy birthday! hope you find the strength to be happy, and it that(happiness) will eventually come natural…:o)

    lots of love,

    your much smarter sister,


    PS. thanks for the website, you are the best(si cum ar zice un prieten de-al meu, tine-o tot asa! :o)

    February 10th, 2007 13:43