Memory Problems

16 years and 10 months ago, on a Monday
The 30th of April 2007, to be precise

Starting to act on my latest resolution, I have just revisited some old files/projects. Namely, my long awaited audio player.

Having a little spare time on my hands, It seemed like a good opportunity to check out the new Flash CS3, and also do something about that audio player in the process.

Yet, to my deepest grief, I have discovered that since leaving Teamcode in October last year, I have forgot a really big chunk of what I new about Flash!

I mean I was aware at the time I still have a lot to learn about it (I’m a long time fan of Director and never seemed to get the same level of acquaintance with Flash) but this is really annoying!

Oh, well… like everything else these days, it seems it’s going to be a lot harder than I was hoping.

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