Not quite news…

15 years and 9 months ago, on a Saturday
The 1st of December 2007, to be precise

But I still have to say it: I finally found some time and upgraded my WordPress installation to version 2.3, codenamed “Dexter” :). I couldn’t have missed it for the world! I wish I could have made it for his birthday, but anyway… better late than never. Now I just wish I could also change the theme so it can be a true dedication to our beloved dog, but I have to be realistic about it: it’s not going to happen too soon.

Not now when I’m in the process of changing jobs… again! But more about this when it happens.

Also the site runs on new hardware, a long awaited and deserved upgrade to Pentium 4 2.8GHz HT (overclocked to 3.1GHz, of course), 1.2GB memory and 190GB storage space (2 × 80GB drives, plus a 30GB one).

The old hardware (Pentium III 550MHz, 512MB RAM) has been retired for good, but the Fedora Core 5 installation lives on, running on my workstation in a VMware virtual machine right off the 8GB drive that was once inside the old server. It still serves as a mail server until I’ll be able to find some more time and migrate the service to the new server as well. But I must say I was amazed that it ran without a glitch in a virtual machine, away from the original hardware. Try this with Windows!

The old server is dead, long live the new server! And Linux! And WMware! And last but not least — WordPress!

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