15 years and 7 months ago, on a Monday
The 18th of February 2008, to be precise

…and 8 days. This is how old I am.

Someone told me that ‘classics’ consider it the age of supreme wisdom. I don’t know who those classics may be. And I definitely don’t agree. Supposedly the figure comes from the age of Jesus somehow. And I couldn’t care less about religion, be it Christian or any other kind. I don’t pretend to know the subject inside-out, but my view of humanity is quite clear — man is the worst kind of animal that ever roamed the Earth, there’s no hope for humanity and man will probably blow this whole planet to tiny little pieces sooner or later.

So I don’t consider myself at the peak of my wisdom, far from it really. As I can’t really consider myself at the peak of anything latelly.

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