Hair trimming day

14 years and 11 months ago, on a Wednesday
The 8th of October 2008, to be precise

Today was Dexter’s hair trimming day. It’s not a very happy occasion, because he’s insanely afraid of this operation, although nothing traumatic ever happened. And because of this fear, he was getting really bad rashes on his skin afterwards, and the treatment was painful (more for us than for him, ’cause we had to make sure — day and night — that he doesn’t lick the ointments and the damaged skin).

Our vet told us once that he risks turning epileptic because of such great fear and advised to put him under anesthesia during hair trimming. So that’s how we did it the last 3 or 4 times, and it seems to work a lot better this way. He doesn’t get those horrible rashes anymore, his ears aren’t itchy for days anymore, so there’s no more head shaking, no more scratching his skin to shreds, no more sleepless nights for us :).

And because I finally managed to get off my ass and buy a camera, today I can even post a “before/after” article :). All images were taken today, and all of them show Dexter, you’ll have to trust me on this. See them below the fold…


Before hair trimming, picture 1

Before hair trimming, picture 2

Before hair trimming, picture 3

… and after

Before hair trimming, picture 1

Before hair trimming, picture 2

Before hair trimming, picture 3

Before hair trimming, picture 4

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  1. 1. ancuta

    awwwwwwww. dexiiiii, my little liliac, my little paianjen. asta e aparatul nou? hmm, cam corect expuse.. (un pic de subexpunere n-a omorat pe nimeni niciodata) dom’ne io ce vreau sa spun, daca (punem cazu’) vreau sa iti las si eu un mesaj aici, dar fara legatura cu ce ai scris tu, ci pur si simplu a whole other matter, ce fac, unde ma inscriu, unde semnez, io cu cine votez? asta te intreb, io ce fac? ca aveam ceva important sa-ti spui, adica mi-a venit o idee geniala, pt mine si pt tine. 🙂 tu trebuie sa spui doar da. hai te rog sa ma anunti, ca sa pot sa-ti comunic ideea geniala ce mi-a venit. check this out, are legatura cu filmul Sideways. noapte buna.

    November 28th, 2008 22:50
  2. Da, fotografiile sînt făcute cu aparatul nou. Şi erau mult subexpuse (lumină foarte chioară în casă), dar trăiască Photoshop-ul 🙂

    Apropos de mesajul pe care vrei să mi-l transmiţi, chestia aia la care te gîndeşti tu cred că se numeşte mail, does it ring any bells? :-p

    Şi sper totuşi că nu te-ai gîndit să ne lansăm în branşa degustării de vinuri, s-ar putea să fie un pic cam tîrziu, să nu ţină 🙂

    November 29th, 2008 16:58
  3. 3. ancuta

    dom’le pai ce sa zic, mie mi se par supraexpuse grav, fotografiile. dar ma rog, o sa discutam in particoler pe tema asta, si amanuntit. cat despre “operatiunea Sideways”, sunt foarte fericita ca esti de acord, abia astept sa punem la cale planul de bataie.

    dar in concluzie eu tot as vrea sa pot sa postez si eu fotografii aici, daca asa am chef.

    December 19th, 2008 16:39