Up to a good start

14 years and 8 months ago, on a Tuesday
The 6th of January 2009, to be precise

All things considered, it was a great first day of work this new year… I left the office at 6 PM, went to my drumming lesson, then grabbed a bite at home and headed back to the office. Stayed there ’till 1 AM, oh, joy…

There’s a superstition among some people I know that what you do the first day you’ll do the whole year afterwards. Let’s cross our fingers it’s just a superstition, or at least it doesn’t apply to the first day of work in a year…

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  1. 1. ancuta

    hey there, big bro! happy new year! don’t let anything bring you down. it’s too early, you got all year round for that. let’s do something cool this year, and you will see, things will get better. it’s not easy, but courage!

    January 8th, 2009 13:20